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LINKMORE is expert in the design, manufacturing, engineer support of custom wire harness and cable assembly. We assist the customer to develop ideal design, shape, and dimensions of unique modules proper to their devices, appliances, electronics, machines, and equipment to offer complete solutions.
LINKMORE understands the needs of the market and provides customer-oriented products.
Any OEM, ODM project is welcome.
Our Service and Advantage
OEM, ODM are available
Over 20 expertise and experience, Reasonable price, Rapid delivery
Prompt and effective service for supporting customer project
Automatic machinery coupled with various manufacturing lines
ROHS compliant, UL-approved wire harnesses
Samples are available
Our main Product
JST, Molex, Dupont, TE, AMP, TYCO, Hirose, JAE, I-PEX connector wire harness cable assembly
LCD screen cable, LVDS cable, EDP cable, LVDS screen cable, blacklight cable
UAV micro coaxial cable, Drone cable connector
Micro coaxial cable, Ultra-fine Micro Coaxial Cable, SGC cable
MIPI CSI-2 camera sensor cable, MIPI camera cable, camera interface cables
Medical, Ultrasonographs, Robots, Drone, IoT, Smart Cables
Solderless terminal and Faston connector wire harness
Fuse holder and automotive wire harness
Switch, Socket and led wire harness
Home appliance, computer, and industrial wire harness
Security, network, and telecommunication appliance wire harness
Medical equipment and game machine wire harness
Multiconductor and complex wire harness
Custom design and over-molded wire harness
Flat ribbon cable assembly and UL2651 jumper cable
Shielded cable, IDC cable, UL20276 cable
USB cable, Mini USB cable, Micro USB cable
Computer cable, D-SUB cable, Game Machine Harness
LAN cable, Ethernet cable, SATA cable assembly
Audio cable, video cable, RCA cable, Hi-FI Cable
Custom over-molded cable, Overmolding cable assembly, molded cable


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